Many years ago I started travelling with my camera, reaching the most far-flung destinations such as New Zealand, Svalbard, Thailand, Iceland, Nepal and Morocco. I am a mountain lifeguard, guide and photographer. My passions are photography, mountains, diving and long distance travels. I am fascinated by distant places untouched by humans. In my photographs, I try to capture the beauty of wild nature and the uniqueness of the world around us. It really does not matter if this happens while I am climbing, exploring caves, skiing or diving - I photograph everywhere I can.

I have honour to be in international OLYMPUS VISIONARES TEAM

I have cooperated with WWF Poland, as well as many polish magazines. 

I have also some photo awards like:  European Photographer of the Year, Grand Press Photo, National Geographic
Photo Competition, Memorial Maria Luisa
During my travels both private and professional I have been taking pictures of landscapes and animals  from many regions.

All my photos are taken in high-resolution (raw files or diapositives). I have also been taking panoramic and underwater pictures.  I published in National Geographic, National Geographic Poland, Traveler, Voyage, Focus, Digital Camera, Foto, Foto-Kurier, Witaj w Podrozy, Podroze, and many many more..